My story with Nokia – reflects on The Nokia N8 ‘Push Snowboarding’ Campaign from Havard Business School

This time I decide not write a review about The Nokia N8 ‘Push Snowboarding’ Campaign from Havard Bussiness School. I just want to express my feelings towards Nokia as a brand I used to crave for.

I don’t know if you guys remember, for about almost 13 years back, when Nokia launched 3100.

The exact white color that shows above.

It was my first phone and I remember it costs me 999 RMB ( $145) at that time. In order to buy the phone, I saved every penny from my pocket money. Nokia 3100 left a deep impression not only because it was my first phone, but also because I experienced the whole teenage year with it.

I was caught in class using phones a thousand time. I can’t even remember how many times I have to ask my mom to get my phone back from our teacher.




I ate fast noodle every day to save money for texting and making phone calls.




I was texting the whole night in my bed and had to be careful not to let my parents know. I have to hide my phone from them.



Snip20170321_12.png       Even this game got me addicted for years.

Nokia did nothing wrong but went wrong at the end for not willing or did not catch up the change. Every time I saw my old Nokia 3100, I am in tears. For me, it is a memory. But even though it really means something to me, I wouldn’t be brave enough to reuse it. That is also what happened to many of my friends. Nokia became part of our childhood like Nintendo did. But it’s not like Nintendo that launched Nintendo Switch this year and tried to use its social media base and turn that into a new product. I still have hope for Nokia to come back, but not in phone industry anymore.

If you are anyone like me who has feelings towards Nokia, please feel free to leave any comments!

Halo Venus




1 thought on “My story with Nokia – reflects on The Nokia N8 ‘Push Snowboarding’ Campaign from Havard Business School”

  1. I appreciate the nostalgia and humor displayed here, while still binge relevant to the case and outcomes of their brand position today. For your images, one of them was broken, so always make sure that everything appears properly after publishing. Also. for the images you selected, if they aren’t the best quality, you can try making them look more conducive to the layout with proper framing or grouping.


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