Reflects on Ombre, Tie-Dye, Splat Hair: Trends or Fads? from HBS


Brief about the case:

In 2011, Marie Gulin and her team began to notice that ‘Splat’ was trending, with bright splashes of color on the hairs. While hair coloring was L’Oreal’s mainstay, the outlook for expansion in the home-coloring market at the beginning of 2012 was not promising. L’Oreal was in trouble identifying its competitiveness in its new products to compete in the market.

Marie thought social media would be a game-changer if the new trend can be identified. The company expanded its hubs in America, Japan, China, India, and Brazil, plus 22 research centers and 17 evaluation centers.  “L’Oreal Paris was keen to break out of the traditional industry and to revitalize its hair color line” (from the case).

After all, the L’Oreal team needed to create engagement around brand leveraging on social media.


My suggestion to move L’Oreal forward in social media:

We should adapt push and pull strategy. Using social media to help L’Oreal push new products and pull insights from social media data about consumers’ preferences.

Using that, we create awareness, inform and excite customers about the new product online. By launching tag campaignw on Instagram, FaceBook, and Snapchat, L’Oreal can gain loyal advocates and reach people around the world.



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